Money Saving Tricks with Your Student ID

Money Saving Tricks with Your Student ID
When you’re a student, your life is usually cheerful worry free, but the only things that can bother you is a constant need for professional writing help and lack of money. If the first thing is just about studying, than the second one is about the surviving. Don’t like it? You can get rid of it by using all the bonuses you’ve got as a student. You can get discounts for everything: food, clothes, entertainment, technology, You can get discounts for everything: food, clothes, entertainment, technology, getting into student clubs and organizations and make your life easier while studying and doing homework.

In this article, we want to give you a hint, where to go to get your student discount. Best student clubs in London, delicious food and nice clothing are waiting to be discovered by you, so go check them up. You’ll find out what stores with college discounts are there and what kind of bonus can you receive just by being a student.

But first, let’s talk about the types of UK student discount card. The first one is an ISIC, which is usable worldwide. It costs 12 pounds a year. For this cost, you can get discounts in 130 countries all over the world. This is your pass to the best student clubs in London.
One more – a NUS card – is available only in the UK and is free. The card gives you a discount in almost every shop in the country, as NUS cards are the most popular among students.
Then here goes NUS Extra card, also available only in the UK. It costs 12 pounds a year and is an improved version of the previous one. This card can offer a student discounts that worth up to 500 pounds. Also, NUS extra food discount is available.
The last one we present is a UniDAYs, which can be used in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. To become a part of the program, you have to be a student of any University in respective countries, and just register online for free.
Also, there’re many apps and sites for you full of discount-online uk.


UK Student Discounts for Food

You can use NUS extra food discount to purchase in ASK Italian (you’ll get 25% off) or Giraffe (will give you 20% off). You can also have quarter off with Dominos Pizza, but you have to order online. One more offer with your NUS card – The Cooperative gives 10% off for grocery shopping in the store.
McDonalds provides every student with a free burger or McFlurry for each purchased meal. And Yo! Sushi will give you a 25% discount for joining the Yo! Love Club.

Student Discounts for Clothing

With your NUS and NUS Extra card, you’re getting 10% off all the year in ASOS, Burton, New Look, Topman/Topshop etc. French Connection offers your discounts up to 15% both with your online and in-store purchases.
A footwear brand Office can give you 10% off if you buy things in the store. Schuh gives 10% off both online and ‘offline’. Urban Outfitters gives you 10% annually and 20% for all UNiDAYS members, but this offer may be temporary.
Don’t forget about services that share discount-online uk, they may be very useful.

Student Discounts for Entertainment and Media

In Odeon Cinemas and Cineworld, you will have lower ticket prices and discounts.
Spotify Premium gives all the participants of UNiDAYS and NUS Extra programs 50% off for a premium subscription. The Guardian will subscribe you to the app and other useful services for 20% off the official price. The Independent i-newspaper offers you a 1/3 off full-price subscription.

As you can see, having your student card with you in pretty many places all over the UK, you really can make your life way more comfortable. Use these tips, share them with your friends and enjoy your life!