Best Ways to Get a Discount

Being a student is way more expensive than people usually think. You want to look better, to have better gadgets for study and entertainment, you want to see your city|country|world, visit clubs, hang out with friends etc. You have lots of time and willing and energy, but what you lack is money. Don’t be desperate; you have a giant present from the Universe – discounts.
By using all the advantages of being a student, you’ll feel how your tough life becomes more cheerful and comfortable. Of course, if you have a lynx-eye, you will find a suitable discount in no time, but if you don’t, let us help and guide you.

How to Get a Discount

There’re different ways to get your discount. The fastest one is, of course, is searching, but this doesn’t help always. Some small shops don’t officially offer you a discount, but they may have it and give it to you if you ask. So, in order to get a discount you might need one or more of the following nice friends of a student – a student discount card, mobile money saving apps or a special service.

Cards can be different. There’re free cards and those with charge, they provide you with different benefits and may be available worldwide or only in the UK. The most popular student discount cards here are NUS and NUS Extra. ‘How to get student discount card’ is no longer a question, because you can get it online on the official site. Same is with the other cards like Student Advantage Card and so on. Mostly, the services allow you to order your card online.

Going on to money saving apps, it’s sometimes even more comfortable to use them. It’s hard to choose the best app for saving money, but here are some top discount apps that might be useful:


This is one of discount apps uk which shows you deals between 50% – 90% off somewhere near you and updates them every day. You can purchase one you like right from your smartphone. One nice thing about this app is that if you refer at least 3 of your friends to get the same deal, you’ll have it for free.

Google Shopper

Google Shopper is not an actual representative of discount apps uk, but it’s wonderful source to get information about the best prices, reviews and videos of millions of products, even if you need to buy law essays online, you can find there some beneficial offers. You can search by barcode, voice or text, or even cover. It also compares prices and gives you info about the best deals.

Amazon Price Check

This app has special scanners, using which you can capture a barcode and find any info on the product. Reviews, lowest prices, users’ rates – everything is available just with one click. Amazon is a huge source, you will 100% find something better and cheaper. Moreover, you’ll save not only your money but your time as well.


If no app can read a barcode you want it to read, download ShopSavvy. This is one of the most powerful scanners out there. It reads almost any barcode or QR code and helps you to find the best price for the product you search. You also get the map, where the nearest stores with the best prices are located.

Remember, though, that some discounts aren’t real. Always check for better prices, before falling for ‘-20%’ sticker on a product.

Also, don’t forget to have your student ID with you, because some shops require that too. Learn about the policy of discounts, try to find the most suitable deal and use your privilege. We’ll do our best to help you with that!